Friday, September 18, 2009

The 6 Things You Need To Know Before You Take The Swine Flu Vaccine

by Dr. Elaina George, Your Black World 

Although the Swine flu virus has been identified in over 70 countries, it has not been as deadly as expected

  • The world wide number of swine flu cases currently is 209,500 with 2,185 deaths

The common flu is more deadly

  • In the US there have been 40,000 cases identified with 1,876 deaths. This is quite low when you compare the death rate to the typical flu virus which kills over 30,000 people per year.

Most cases of Swine flu have been mild

  • Most people have had mild self-limited symptoms that resolve without any medical intervention.

Vaccines often contain additives that can be dangerous

  • Vaccines contain ingredients that boost the immune response. They can be made from toxins like anti-freeze (ethylene glycol), formaldehyde, or chemicals like mercury (thimerasol) and squalene, a type of fat found in olive oil that is also present throughout the nervous system and the brain. These ingredients can be harmful to the body.
  • Studies have shown that Mercury (thimerasol) may lead to autism. Specifically, a study in autistic children found elevated levels of mercury in their urine compared to children without autism.

  • Soldiers who served in the gulf war were given anthrax vaccine which contained squalene. When squalene is injected it stimulates an aggressive immune response that causes an auto-immune reaction that can attack all cells that contain squalene. e.g., the nervous system. Studies found that soldiers who were diagnosed with gulf war syndrome received anthrax vaccinations that contained Squalene

There has been less time to test the H1N1 Vaccine

  • Because of the fear of a pandemic, the vaccine manufacturers have fast tracked the current vaccines coming to market next month. That means very little testing has been done. This leads to huge unknowns about the side effects

The vaccine manufactures have the potential to make windfall profits with little risk

  • Vaccine manufacturers stand to gain by the fear ginned up by the "pandemic". The US government has already awarded 2 billion dollars to the 5 companies that make the H1N1 vaccine.
  • The Congress has passed a law that protects vaccine manufacturers from being sued. If they had 'no willful knowledge' then they cannot be sued for damages.


All in all people should be very cautious about taking these vaccines. It is important to discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. If the risk of getting the disease and having a severe complication is not very high, then it may not be in the interest of the individual to take the vaccine. At the very least, these vaccines should not be mandated.

Dr Elaina George is a prominent Board certified Otolaryngologist who practices in Atlanta. She started her practice Peachtree ENT Center with a mission to practice state of the art medicine that is available to everyone, and has come to be known as, the patients’ advocate. Dr. George graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology. She received her Masters degree in Medical Microbiology at Long Island University, and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. She completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye Ear & Throat Hospital. Her training included general surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, pediatric ENT at The NY-Presbyterian Hospital, and head and neck oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She has published in several scientific journals and presented her research at national meetings. She has appeared as a guest on The Michael Baisden Show. You can listen to her radio show Medicine on Call, and read her blogs as a medical correspondent for Your Black World .


  1. Just goes to show even the educationally astute among us can be just as paranoid about things as the teabaggers are about the word CZAR. How do you write, "Vaccines often contain additives that can be dangerous" then compare this vaccine to formaldehyde, thimerasol and squalene? Then hop from there to the gulf war.

    How about tell us of the additives in THIS vaccine? True there is little liability for the producers of this vaccine and somebody is going to make money but that is part of the territory is it not? Surely you are not taking the extreme position that this flu was created for the purpose of selling the cure are you.

    The way I read it, only the first 3 things in this article have a ring of truth. What's left is speculative, incomplete and stuff that comes out in the barber chair. It's not a good look for us.

  2. This is a very disturbing article coming from an African American health professional. The damage caused by H1N1 flu has been mild except for people with underlying chronic health conditions. Guess what group in America is more likely to have underlying chronic health conditions?

    The conspiracy theory put forward in this piece is shameful. I hope the good doctor takes the time to correct the article.

  3. Right on!! Finally, a Physician advising the public not to take the deadly vaccine!!!!!
    Thank you so much for informing the sheeple!!!

  4. Hello Dr. George. I am writing to ask your advice about what I can do to avoid forced flu vaccination. I am a medical student and my institution is making it mandatory to receive a flu shot this year. I never get the flu and I don't trust the vaccine for many of the reasons you have given. How can I avoid this?

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  6. Thanks Doc! I appreciate the article and your raising the concern AND exercising the pov's that many of us were already thinking. My children did not get vacines until they were 8 years old. They were in public daycare centers, healthy and well, while the children who had gotten all of their shots were most likely the ones with colds, flu's, foot and mouth disease, chickenpox etc. I was once told by a doctor, the vacines are really good because most people can't take off work to stay home to nurse their sick child. I said, I CAN stay home, so no thanks! I haven't regretted not vacinating my children until I felt their immune systems could handle it.

  7. To me the vacine shots are mandatory because they want to monitor everyone. Your body can fight it on it's own. You have to strengthen your immune system by eating healthy and exercise everyday. I think that's what they should teach children and their parents more, instead of sending them to another "solution"
    Thank you Dr. George for the helpful and eye opening article. Not everybody with "eyes can see"